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Hey everyone. Just thought I should share something with you that could make your day a real crappy one if you dont keep up on this little thing. I recently decided to replace the kitchen faucet and bathroom faucets in my home. So being the responsible home owner I am. I went below my sink and turned off the shut off valves on the taps. Well surprise, surprise. The hot water shut off did not work. It seems that the hot water use had caused the rubber gasket in the valve to deteriorate. and the taps still allowed hot water to run freely. So needless to say I checked the rest of the hot water shut offs and two of the three bathrooms also continued to allow the flow of water. Good thing I didn't start taking he taps apart first. Well it was a simple fix. I

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Buying a home in Alberta.   Is it still a good deal?

Alberta, and Canada for that point is still a great place to buy a home when compared to other parts of the world.


Throughout my past Military career and my many chances to travel the world.  I have had the opportunity to see the best and worst of the real estate market and quality of life offered in many different places.


While there are some great deals in countries like Mexico, Belize and even some locations in Europe.  We have one of the best markets in the world in which to purchase our dream home or just a starter home that will eventually lead us to our dream home purchase.


I recently travelled to Portugal for the second time in 20 years.  It was truly

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Interesting article recently posted in the paper.  It is a 10 out of 10 as a buyers market right now in Lethbridge.  Give me a call 403-360-1210
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A home purchase is one of the largest assets and the biggest debt that a person will have. If this is your first time obtaining mortgage, then there are a few things that you need to know about what is required to qualify.

1)      Credit History: How is your current credit and how has it been in the past? Your financial institution will look at your rating, and that everything is in good standing. If you are able to manage your debt, then it reflects on your ability to manage house payments.

2)      Debt Load: What are your liabilities? How much debt do you have? Your financial institution will look at the amount that you owe compared to the amount that you earn. Your debts should not exceed 40 to 42 % of your gross income, and your housing

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Have you noticed that with all the turmoil in the world that thing are getting a little crazy ?   Considering all the craziness in the worl.  Real estate still seams to be a pretty safe bet.
Prices have begun to back off a bit in recent months.  But Lethbridge has had only small fall backs in pricing.  But even these small rollbacks can have a positive benefit to the buyer.  And hopefully no negative effects on the seller.   

The new qualifying rules have put a lot of pressure on the first time home buyer and scarred the hell out of even the most seasoned home owners.  It makes it harder for the sellers to find approved buyers. And creates a stressful environment for the buyers.  Although it is meant to protect the market, and the people getting into the…
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How many times do we walk outside of our homes, year after year and we never take the time to look up, down and around at the condition of our home, fences and out buildings?

I am as guilty of this as everyone else. And then we cant believe the cost incurred when something goes wrong with our home, or when we go to sell it and the inspectors find things that we never dreamed about needing maintenance or repair.

When that happens. It takes away the bottom line on how much money we put in our jeans after the sale is done. And also, can make a deal die faster than a soufflé dies when stomping in the kitchen.

I will use an example of a current sale I am dealing with. We received an offer on an

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Is the time right to buy or sell?

Well. First off let me say that the time is right if it suits your needs. Such as growing family, looking to down size, need a getaway property. There are many reasons why the dollar value should not be the only consideration when buying a property. Although it is probably the main factor used in a home search. It is definitely not the most important. The needs of the individual or the family should be the driving factor. In most cases the same criteria can be found in a home that is a little older than a new home, and at a lower cost. Of course we all would like to have the brand new shiny home with all the latest bells and whistles, but we need to keep reality in the picture.

Sometimes its best to settle for the

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Getting the right Mortgage is very important. Getting the right mortgage pre-approval is critical.


Are you considering buying a home?   Make sure you take the right steps before you look at potential homes and save yourself some major disappointment. Lots of eager home buyers rush to the market and start looking at homes before checking to see what they can and cannot afford.

That is probably the worst thing anyone can do!

Many times, I have had people call me up and ask to see a home that they found on the web and have fallen in love with. I often caution them once I meet them at the home that if they have not yet talked

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