A little Maintainance Goes a long way.

Posted by Ken Murphy on Thursday, October 3rd, 2019 at 11:12am.

Hey everyone. Just thought I should share something with you that could make your day a real crappy one if you dont keep up on this little thing. I recently decided to replace the kitchen faucet and bathroom faucets in my home. So being the responsible home owner I am. I went below my sink and turned off the shut off valves on the taps. Well surprise, surprise. The hot water shut off did not work. It seems that the hot water use had caused the rubber gasket in the valve to deteriorate. and the taps still allowed hot water to run freely. So needless to say I checked the rest of the hot water shut offs and two of the three bathrooms also continued to allow the flow of water. Good thing I didn't start taking he taps apart first. Well it was a simple fix. I bought the three new shut off valves and only replaced the actual turn off knob and gasket in my valves as they were put on with compression fittings. I had to dig a few pieces of old gasket out of the valves before installing the new ones But accident avoided. Anyway I would suggest you take a look at your shut off valves on all your taps to insure they actually shut the water off. While your at it Drain a couple of gallons of water from your Hot water tank. That will help it live a little longer.


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