April 2018

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How many times do we walk outside of our homes, year after year and we never take the time to look up, down and around at the condition of our home, fences and out buildings?

I am as guilty of this as everyone else. And then we cant believe the cost incurred when something goes wrong with our home, or when we go to sell it and the inspectors find things that we never dreamed about needing maintenance or repair.

When that happens. It takes away the bottom line on how much money we put in our jeans after the sale is done. And also, can make a deal die faster than a soufflé dies when stomping in the kitchen.

I will use an example of a current sale I am dealing with. We received an offer on an

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Is the time right to buy or sell?

Well. First off let me say that the time is right if it suits your needs. Such as growing family, looking to down size, need a getaway property. There are many reasons why the dollar value should not be the only consideration when buying a property. Although it is probably the main factor used in a home search. It is definitely not the most important. The needs of the individual or the family should be the driving factor. In most cases the same criteria can be found in a home that is a little older than a new home, and at a lower cost. Of course we all would like to have the brand new shiny home with all the latest bells and whistles, but we need to keep reality in the picture.

Sometimes its best to settle for the

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