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  • Lets Make some Money$$$$$$

    Take your cash$$$$ and Run.   This might be the perfect opportunity for you to cash in on that Vacation or revenue property that you own south of the border in the good old US of A.
    With the down turn in the Canadian dollar the chances are you can sell that property and make a sizable profit.  Especially if you purchase that when the dollar was at Par or better.
    The upkeep on possible HOA fees are beating you up with the exchange and the best way to take advantage of that is to put that property up for sale and sell it bak to the same people that sold it to you at a discounted rate when the US economy was tanking.
    Those people are well into recovery by now and are looking to purchase that style of home or a home in that location and get back into the market.

    So consider doing some math and figuring out if you can make some great money.  Spend that money traveling in Canada or just hold onto it until another opportunity arises.

    Have a great 2016 and remember.  Hire the SARGE for all your real estate needs and I am never to busy to help your friends of family as well.
  • Lethbridge homes could be your best choice for 2016 and beyond

    So.  Your considering buying a home?   Well Buying a new or pre owned home in Lethbridge and surrounding area could be your best choice for the foreseeable future and for building equity for yourself.

    All indications point to Lethbridge as the new Alberta Advantage.  Calgary has seen a large decline in new home Start-ups, where Lethbridge has seen the largest new build increases for 2015 

    With the decline in the Canadian Dollar in a 10 year low compared to the USA dollar.  You are still earning the same amount, and your dollar is still worth a dollar here.

    Of course the Banks are hinting at a rate decrease somewhere around January 20th or shortly after.


    How does this all benefit you? Well there are still lots of great prices on homes out there and that equates to getting the most house for the least dollar to you,  All you need to do is take that leap of faith that you have been tossing around in your head for so long. 

    And we are here to help you get that value and find you the perfect home for you.  Whether for personal or investment property.

     There is also a lot of reasonable Business opportunities for the educated investor that is looking to branch out and  move into ownership of a business. 

    We can help you with that as well.

    Lets talk!


    Call or email  me with any questions and lets go see some homes.


    Ken Murphy


    Realty executives Devonshire





  • Buying or selling a home in Lethbridge

    Welcome to real estate 2016 Lethbridge homes for sale

    Well another year gone by and a new beginning for all of us.  Looking forward to 2016 and the Lethbridge housing market, what do we see?

    The Lethbridge homes sales and listings are looking strong again for 2016.  We have had a steady flow of Lethbridge homes listed and Lethbridge home sales in the past 12 months and it looks like we are in for another great year.  Especially if you are a buyer looking for a brand New home or a pre owned home that will suit all your needs and wants

    There are currently around 350 single family detached family homes available in Lethbridge and 400 homes overall in the city.  This is sure to grow in early March as potential sellers made the commitment to getting their homes on the Market.

    Over the last year (2015) We had around 1300+ homes sell this year in our city.

    That is a huge number of homes that you potentially missed out on last year.   If you had thoughts of selling your home or buying your home in Lethbridge.  Or around 2900 combined listings and sales in the Lethbridge area or the surrounding area.

    We Love to Sell Houses!   We love to help buyers and sellers achieve their dreams of buying and selling real estate.

    If you are interested in buying or selling Real Estate in  Lethbridge city, or the surrounding area   We would love to help you get that done.   Make use of our vast knowledge and ability to send you all the current and future homes that fit your criteria and or list your home and provide it to 100’s or even 1000’s of potential buyers in the area.

    Looking to relocate because of business or other personal reasons?   Leave your most valued asset in our hands and let us get it SOLD!

    It's a new year and a new beginning.  Find your perfect home by visiting    Or by sending us an email at  Set up an appointment to see you favorite picks after we send you a detaied list of all the current and future homes for sale in Lethbridge and area.   Let us do the leg work and you do the deciding on what meets your dreams.    

    I look forward to making your dreams come true



    Realty Executives Devonshire


  • Low Cost Sellers sites and FSBO sites

    Recently. I had a chance to challenge some of the advertising of a for sale by owner web site.  As all of them claim to be able to sell the sellers property with the same skill and professionalism as a highly trained and regulated real estate industry member.


    I had no choice but to put them on the spot and challenge their add which stated that by eliminating the listing agent  You could save tons of money.  I did a little research and found that this company (PG) was using an out of town real estate agent to put the properties on the powerful MLS system.  All good.  However.  The truth be told.  They did not eliminate the listing agent as they used a REALTOR to post the property on MLS.  This system is designed by realtors and paid for by realtors in order to help the public find a high quality home and high quality representation.  And of course their will always be those that use it in ways it was not intended.

    One other issue for the seller that is not told to them is if (PG) or any other company uses an out of town agent  Then their property will never be noticed by a real estate agent in the town or city that their home is listed as real estate agents do not use MLS to find homes in general.  Real estate agents belong to a peer to peer system that trade in-depth information on currently listed homes in their area and other provincial areas.  

    Most buyers will use a real estate agent to help the navigate the huge amount of properties, make appointments, negotiate, protect, and advise them of the pitfalls of making offers on homes that may not be as good as they appear.   As well as helping hem with many other things such as finding the right neighbourhood and better areas to live.


    So those people who list their homes for sale on these sites, are missing a huge number of client buyers that are ready to buy a home right away if they can find it.  And historically.  Using a Real Estate agent is the best way to weed out the properties that don't fit their needs and to guide them through the process. 

    Not to say if you list your home with a site such as (PG) you will not get a buyer.  But you will definitely cut your chances ten fold. 


    If you want real professional help getting that home sold with no up front fees that may expire after a short term and don't want to have to pay upfront again for your property to get on the MLS system.  Use a true agent that will take care of all your needs.  Call me for any information you want on homes in the area, or if you want to list your home right the first time. 




  • 5 Bed 2 Bath west side lethbridge home Video

  • And God Created a Realtor


    Do all your friend tell you not to sell or buy in the winter? Why is that?

    In alot of cases buying or selling in the winter is actually the best time to make a move in the market.

    As a seller. The winter seems to bring out mostly serious buyers and not the usual tire kickers that are looking for ideas for their own homes or killing a sunday afternoon looking at homes that "Might peek their interests"

    Competition from other sellers is at a year long low as well. Most people believe the best time to sell is the summer. But really the best time to sell is anytime.

    As for buyers. Sellers that are selling in the winter. show that they are not afraid to list their homes in the off season and are ready too negotiate the perfect price. In a hot market, their is little chance of competing offers during this season as well.

    This may not be the perfect time for buyers to see the landscaping of the home or how the trees and foliage looks.

    But it is a perfect time for buyers to see how the home holds the heat in the cold months as well as if there are drafts in the windows and doors or if a moisture problem exists on the inside of the home.

    It can also show you how much snow accumulates in the driveway or yard you may ultimately have to deal with.

    So. Selling or buying a home in the winter months is not as scary as most people say. It may be the perfect time to find the perfect home for you!

    Contact me with any additional questions you may have concerning you sale or purchase. I am always available for assistance and would love to be your Realtor.

    Ken Murphy


    Realty Executives Devonshire

    (403) 360-1210

  • Should I replace my home Windows

    Should I change my Home Windows?

    Well that is a great question. First of all I would like to state that having windows replaced may be the last option you may want to consider.

    Why? Because it is an expensive upgrade that sometimes is done for no reason other than aesthetics. Not that that is a bad reason to change them. Just not the most important reason

    If only for saving money on heating, and cooling. All homes would be built without windows at all. Windows are basically a huge hole in different area’s of your home. That let heat out, or heat in and can cause UV damage to many items in your home.

    But. What would a home be without the ability to look outside and see nature from a distance, and or snoop on your neighbours? For those who enjoy cheep entertainment.

    Some things to consider before replacing those huge holes in your home are;

    Do my windows have issues with condensation, heat loss, excessive heat intrusion, functionality, security, or is the cost of maintaining them just way out of line. And even safety if they may contain lead paint around the wooden structures. If any of these are true. It may be time to consider replacing them. If not. Perhaps a spruce up such as cladding the window frames in aluminum may be enough to give the home a fresh look.

    Replacing windows is an expensive proposition and in many cases. Does not justify the expense of taking them out and putting in new ones. It can take many years before you get you cost back in value. Perhaps as much as 10 years (WOW!)

    Also there can be additional work needing to be done such as replacing siding, stucco repair, drywall and trim repairs or replacement, when changing your homes windows.

    But there are certainly advantages to newer windows.

    Lower heating costs

    Lower cooling costs

    Added security

    Safe health

    Structural issues repair;

    Or just having a beautiful new look on your home.

    Another thing to consider before replacing those windows is if it would be more advantages to do some cheaper changes to your home that may create the same energy savings as changing out those old windows instead. Such as;

    Better venting in your attic

    Sealing up those ventilation conduits that may be leaking a fair amount of your heat and air conditioning into the basement ceilings and floors

    Sealing any wall electrical outlets and switches, located on the walls facing the exterior of your home

    Perhaps changing weather stripping on some doors

    Even changing your Light bulbs to more energy efficient types may save you or offset you energy costs.

    You could consider replacing, updating, your attic insulation as well. But that is a large job that still requires a significant investment. But could save you a large chunk of change.

    So now that you have taken all these and many more things into consideration. “IS IT TIMETO CHANGE YOUR WINDOWS?”

    Well The last thing I would say to you is call someone in the home inspection industry if you think you still need to replace them. Have them do an energy audit of your home and windows. They may be able to save you additional cost by doing minor repairs or replacements that could save you money. Or they can confirm the need to replace those old windows.

    They may also be aware of energy rebate programs available in your area that could help pay for those changes.

    One final point. As a realtor that deals with the issue of replacing windows on a constant basis. I have always said to buyers and especially sellers that may be inclined to take on this task that in my opinion.

    The best time to change out these windows is when you are considering selling your home. Why? Because that is the best time to recoup the cost of installation and replacement of your homes window.

    I hope you will at least get a little useful insight into taking on window replacement from this article.

    Feel free to contact me for all your real estate needs, or for any referrals you may have.  Or leave a commenty below.

    Ken Murphy


    Realty executives Devonshire

    Lethbridge, Alberta





    I often cringe when I drive by a home and see that the roof is in disrepair or absolute chaos.

    It is often an overlooked maintenance item that seems to be ignored, or perhaps put off due to the cost of repairing or replacing it. As a real estate agent in Lethbridge, we deal with many types of roofs and often see simple fixes or replacement of roofing material lead to much bigger issues and a loss of value in the home.

    Replacing a roof or roofing maintenance does not add value to your home such as a bathroom or kitchen upgrade might. What it does do, id protect that huge investment in your property and perhaps save you many more thousands of dollars in loss to the items inside your home as well.

    Recently, Lethbridge has been hit with an unusual large number of storms that have caused many homes to require replacing their roofing material. In most cases these repairs were covered by property insurance. So even roofs that were only a few years old have been replaced. But a large number of claims were turned down as the roofing material was well beyond its life cycle or had not been maintained and did not meet the criteria.

    So these already stressed roofs now have worse issues. But not replacing or repairing the roof is just a very poor decision.

    When a roof is left unattended and ignored the end result can cost the home owner much more in the end. These are some of the collateral issues that may occur.

    Having gaps or damage to your roof allows water penetration into your home that may not be immediately noticeable, and can lead to additional damage, such as rotting trusses and infrastructure.

    Mold that can grow on wood and insulation.

    Penetration of water through the interior ceiling and walls of your home, again causing mold and potential electrical issues. And worst of all.

    Major damage to the contents of your home. It also leaves areas where rodents and pests can enter your home, and allows unnecessary energy loss through the exterior of the home.

    Also. Some homes that have roofing issues, fail to sell in an active market, or sell for a lot less that the actual fix would cost, compared to similar homes that have a well maintained roof.

    I recently had an issue with the condition of the shingles on a revenue property I own in Lethbridge. My insurance company actually cancelled my coverage from any damage that may be caused by the water

    penetration through my roof, until i provided proof of replacement. Which would have included any and, all of the items mentioned above.

    So although this may be high initial cost may be expensive. It is one of those areas that need attention as a home owner. Better to be proactive and stop these issues before they become huge expenses, or cause you to lose a sale from a potential buyer who does not want to deal with another expense shortly after they purchase a home.

    Below are a few tools and web sites that may help you calculate the cost of repairing your roof.

    Be sure to contact me for any Real Estate questions, or for a free current market analysis on your home or someone you may know.

    Ken Murphy


    Realty Executives Devonshire

    (403) 360-1210



    In the Lethbridge Real estae market.  Many homes are purchased that are considerably old and in many cases they still have old wallpaper in many of the rooms.


    Lots of people just put new wall board over top or paint over top of the existing paper.  Not the ideal solution.  This usually happens as we have all heard the nightmare stories that are related to removing wallpaper from an older home.


    I myself have had an experience in this area.  And quite honestly.  With the proper set up, preparation and with the new chemical solutions out there it can be a very simple task.


    I am including some information that may be helpful for those that run into this situation.  You can leave feedback on my site in the event you have any questions or suggestions for others to read 


    1.      Prep The Room

    Remove and store any furniture or items that may get stained or damaged

    Find some old drop cloths or plastic sheeting,.  Whick can be purchased at any home handyman location.

    Remove all wall Lighting switch plates and electrical plates

    Cover those electrical outlets with a water resilient tape or plastic sheeting to stop them from water penetration.

    2.     Test the old paper

    Some Older wall paper is made with a foil or water resistant (Plastic) type material.  Some times you can remove this paper by pulling slowly on a area where a seem exists and is less likely to tearing.  If this is the type of material you have.  You may have just saved yourself a whole lot of grief.  Work your way along the seams until all the paper is gone.  Remove any lingering pieces with a scraper or putty knife.






    3.     Score or Perforate the Old Wallpaper

    It doesn’t matter if you are going to use a chemical spray or steam off the existing wall paper.  Make sure you score the old paper gently trying not to damage the wall board or plaster behind it.  You should press only hard enough to mark the paper and allow moisture to penetrate.  You can purchase tools that have a perforation bit on them at your local hardware store or in my case i used a carpet knife.


    4.      Using a Solvent

    In many cases. Solvents that you use may be corrosive or caustic.  So you need to prepare yourself with the proper protective equipment which includes a Rubber gloves Safety Goggles And as mentioned before water resistant floor covering to protect your floors or carpets.

    The glue remover or solvent you purchase will have instructions on mixing with in most cases.  Water.  I like to use a garden sprayer to apply the product to the surface of the paper.  But a cheaper method is a paint brush or possibly an old spray bottle you have lying around the house.  It will give your forearms an additional workout as well.

    It usually takes around 5-15 minutes settling before the paper is ready for removal.  The paper will usually become loose or shriveled on the wall surface.

    Remember to spray only enough of the aper as you can remove in 10-15 minutes.  Some minor scraping may be required.

    5.      Using steam.   Not my preferred method

    There are many commercial steamers that can be rented. Check your local hardware or equipment rental shop.

    You Should not try using your kettle as a steamer.  You will most likely become frustrated and or even burn out your appliance.

    The same safety precautions exist as for chemicals, but you need to be aware that you are dealing with hot liquid vapour   and that can be a potential danger.  Ventilate the room as well to reduce the moisture level.


    The steamer is generally placed with the pad against the wall surface.  You need to slide it along the wall keeping it in each place long enough to penetrate the paper and causing it to loosen or crinkle.  It will take some trial and error to get this down to a science.  Also can be fatiguing on the arms.  Don’t keep it on the surface for a long time as it can saturate the drywall paper below the wallpaper and cause damage.


    Scrape the loosened paper from the wall.  Do not pull it as the steam will make the paper and the moisture very hot for a time and can hurt you.

    6.      Patch up old walls and prep for new paint or paper.

    Wash down all surfaces with hot water and a mixture of tri sodium phosphate (TSP)  This will clean off any sediment or left over glue  Wait for the walls to dry and prep them for painting or new paper hanging by patching and sanding any holes or uneven areas.   Once you are happy with the job.  Use your inner designer to change the room to your needs



    I hope you get some useful help and hints from this blog and keep your eyes open for new material every few weeks.  Com back and visit often and pass this site around to your friends and family.  Who knows.  Maybe I can help them find a perfect home.