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Lethbridge homes could be your best choice for 2016 and beyond

So.  Your considering buying a home?   Well Buying a new or pre owned home in Lethbridge and surrounding area could be your best choice for the foreseeable future and for building equity for yourself.

All indications point to Lethbridge as the new Alberta Advantage.  Calgary has seen a large decline in new home Start-ups, where Lethbridge has seen the largest new build increases for 2015 

With the decline in the Canadian Dollar in a 10 year low compared to the USA dollar.  You are still earning the same amount, and your dollar is still worth a dollar here.

Of course the Banks are hinting at a rate decrease somewhere around January 20th or shortly after.


How does this all benefit you? Well there are still lots of great prices on homes out there and that equates to getting the most house for the least dollar to you,  All you need to do is take that leap of faith that you have been tossing around in your head for so long. 

And we are here to help you get that value and find you the perfect home for you.  Whether for personal or investment property.

 There is also a lot of reasonable Business opportunities for the educated investor that is looking to branch out and  move into ownership of a business. 

We can help you with that as well.

Lets talk!


Call or email  me with any questions and lets go see some homes.


Ken Murphy


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