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Low Cost Sellers sites and FSBO sites

Recently. I had a chance to challenge some of the advertising of a for sale by owner web site.  As all of them claim to be able to sell the sellers property with the same skill and professionalism as a highly trained and regulated real estate industry member.


I had no choice but to put them on the spot and challenge their add which stated that by eliminating the listing agent  You could save tons of money.  I did a little research and found that this company (PG) was using an out of town real estate agent to put the properties on the powerful MLS system.  All good.  However.  The truth be told.  They did not eliminate the listing agent as they used a REALTOR to post the property on MLS.  This system is designed by realtors and paid for by realtors in order to help the public find a high quality home and high quality representation.  And of course their will always be those that use it in ways it was not intended.

One other issue for the seller that is not told to them is if (PG) or any other company uses an out of town agent  Then their property will never be noticed by a real estate agent in the town or city that their home is listed as real estate agents do not use MLS to find homes in general.  Real estate agents belong to a peer to peer system that trade in-depth information on currently listed homes in their area and other provincial areas.  

Most buyers will use a real estate agent to help the navigate the huge amount of properties, make appointments, negotiate, protect, and advise them of the pitfalls of making offers on homes that may not be as good as they appear.   As well as helping hem with many other things such as finding the right neighbourhood and better areas to live.


So those people who list their homes for sale on these sites, are missing a huge number of client buyers that are ready to buy a home right away if they can find it.  And historically.  Using a Real Estate agent is the best way to weed out the properties that don't fit their needs and to guide them through the process. 

Not to say if you list your home with a site such as (PG) you will not get a buyer.  But you will definitely cut your chances ten fold. 


If you want real professional help getting that home sold with no up front fees that may expire after a short term and don't want to have to pay upfront again for your property to get on the MLS system.  Use a true agent that will take care of all your needs.  Call me for any information you want on homes in the area, or if you want to list your home right the first time. 




Published Monday, December 07, 2015 12:25 PM by Ken Murphy

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Melody Vargas said:

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December 28, 2017 7:04 AM

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