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Do all your friend tell you not to sell or buy in the winter? Why is that?

In alot of cases buying or selling in the winter is actually the best time to make a move in the market.

As a seller. The winter seems to bring out mostly serious buyers and not the usual tire kickers that are looking for ideas for their own homes or killing a sunday afternoon looking at homes that "Might peek their interests"

Competition from other sellers is at a year long low as well. Most people believe the best time to sell is the summer. But really the best time to sell is anytime.

As for buyers. Sellers that are selling in the winter. show that they are not afraid to list their homes in the off season and are ready too negotiate the perfect price. In a hot market, their is little chance of competing offers during this season as well.

This may not be the perfect time for buyers to see the landscaping of the home or how the trees and foliage looks.

But it is a perfect time for buyers to see how the home holds the heat in the cold months as well as if there are drafts in the windows and doors or if a moisture problem exists on the inside of the home.

It can also show you how much snow accumulates in the driveway or yard you may ultimately have to deal with.

So. Selling or buying a home in the winter months is not as scary as most people say. It may be the perfect time to find the perfect home for you!

Contact me with any additional questions you may have concerning you sale or purchase. I am always available for assistance and would love to be your Realtor.

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Published Thursday, January 08, 2015 10:43 AM by Ken Murphy

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