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I often cringe when I drive by a home and see that the roof is in disrepair or absolute chaos.

It is often an overlooked maintenance item that seems to be ignored, or perhaps put off due to the cost of repairing or replacing it. As a real estate agent in Lethbridge, we deal with many types of roofs and often see simple fixes or replacement of roofing material lead to much bigger issues and a loss of value in the home.

Replacing a roof or roofing maintenance does not add value to your home such as a bathroom or kitchen upgrade might. What it does do, id protect that huge investment in your property and perhaps save you many more thousands of dollars in loss to the items inside your home as well.

Recently, Lethbridge has been hit with an unusual large number of storms that have caused many homes to require replacing their roofing material. In most cases these repairs were covered by property insurance. So even roofs that were only a few years old have been replaced. But a large number of claims were turned down as the roofing material was well beyond its life cycle or had not been maintained and did not meet the criteria.

So these already stressed roofs now have worse issues. But not replacing or repairing the roof is just a very poor decision.

When a roof is left unattended and ignored the end result can cost the home owner much more in the end. These are some of the collateral issues that may occur.

Having gaps or damage to your roof allows water penetration into your home that may not be immediately noticeable, and can lead to additional damage, such as rotting trusses and infrastructure.

Mold that can grow on wood and insulation.

Penetration of water through the interior ceiling and walls of your home, again causing mold and potential electrical issues. And worst of all.

Major damage to the contents of your home. It also leaves areas where rodents and pests can enter your home, and allows unnecessary energy loss through the exterior of the home.

Also. Some homes that have roofing issues, fail to sell in an active market, or sell for a lot less that the actual fix would cost, compared to similar homes that have a well maintained roof.

I recently had an issue with the condition of the shingles on a revenue property I own in Lethbridge. My insurance company actually cancelled my coverage from any damage that may be caused by the water

penetration through my roof, until i provided proof of replacement. Which would have included any and, all of the items mentioned above.

So although this may be high initial cost may be expensive. It is one of those areas that need attention as a home owner. Better to be proactive and stop these issues before they become huge expenses, or cause you to lose a sale from a potential buyer who does not want to deal with another expense shortly after they purchase a home.

Below are a few tools and web sites that may help you calculate the cost of repairing your roof.

Be sure to contact me for any Real Estate questions, or for a free current market analysis on your home or someone you may know.

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Published Thursday, January 08, 2015 10:38 AM by Ken Murphy

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This is something really informative. The people at covered something regarding the roofs of house to create awareness about it. You both did a great job.

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