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Should I replace my home Windows

Should I change my Home Windows?

Well that is a great question. First of all I would like to state that having windows replaced may be the last option you may want to consider.

Why? Because it is an expensive upgrade that sometimes is done for no reason other than aesthetics. Not that that is a bad reason to change them. Just not the most important reason

If only for saving money on heating, and cooling. All homes would be built without windows at all. Windows are basically a huge hole in different area’s of your home. That let heat out, or heat in and can cause UV damage to many items in your home.

But. What would a home be without the ability to look outside and see nature from a distance, and or snoop on your neighbours? For those who enjoy cheep entertainment.

Some things to consider before replacing those huge holes in your home are;

Do my windows have issues with condensation, heat loss, excessive heat intrusion, functionality, security, or is the cost of maintaining them just way out of line. And even safety if they may contain lead paint around the wooden structures. If any of these are true. It may be time to consider replacing them. If not. Perhaps a spruce up such as cladding the window frames in aluminum may be enough to give the home a fresh look.

Replacing windows is an expensive proposition and in many cases. Does not justify the expense of taking them out and putting in new ones. It can take many years before you get you cost back in value. Perhaps as much as 10 years (WOW!)

Also there can be additional work needing to be done such as replacing siding, stucco repair, drywall and trim repairs or replacement, when changing your homes windows.

But there are certainly advantages to newer windows.

Lower heating costs

Lower cooling costs

Added security

Safe health

Structural issues repair;

Or just having a beautiful new look on your home.

Another thing to consider before replacing those windows is if it would be more advantages to do some cheaper changes to your home that may create the same energy savings as changing out those old windows instead. Such as;

Better venting in your attic

Sealing up those ventilation conduits that may be leaking a fair amount of your heat and air conditioning into the basement ceilings and floors

Sealing any wall electrical outlets and switches, located on the walls facing the exterior of your home

Perhaps changing weather stripping on some doors

Even changing your Light bulbs to more energy efficient types may save you or offset you energy costs.

You could consider replacing, updating, your attic insulation as well. But that is a large job that still requires a significant investment. But could save you a large chunk of change.

So now that you have taken all these and many more things into consideration. “IS IT TIMETO CHANGE YOUR WINDOWS?”

Well The last thing I would say to you is call someone in the home inspection industry if you think you still need to replace them. Have them do an energy audit of your home and windows. They may be able to save you additional cost by doing minor repairs or replacements that could save you money. Or they can confirm the need to replace those old windows.

They may also be aware of energy rebate programs available in your area that could help pay for those changes.

One final point. As a realtor that deals with the issue of replacing windows on a constant basis. I have always said to buyers and especially sellers that may be inclined to take on this task that in my opinion.

The best time to change out these windows is when you are considering selling your home. Why? Because that is the best time to recoup the cost of installation and replacement of your homes window.

I hope you will at least get a little useful insight into taking on window replacement from this article.

Feel free to contact me for all your real estate needs, or for any referrals you may have.  Or leave a commenty below.

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Published Thursday, January 08, 2015 10:40 AM by Ken Murphy

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Melissa T. Hayes said:

I have business of home Interior Designing and i my recent project i m confused of changing the home window or not within my customer expense. this article helps me alot and solve my confusion. Thanks for such information.

December 26, 2017 4:53 AM

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